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Waterfall  Thermai  Pictorial  Printer
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  • With the further escalation of environmental crisis, large-scale environmental protection check is opened all over the country. Advertising companies of many city is sealed due to environmental problems according to a domestic magazine. Some equipment was towed directly by law enforcement officers. The actions keep many advertising company bosses jittery. How should we do?

    An article about discontinued enterprise due to environmental protection has become a hot topic. Reading times break through 100,000. Senior engineers shout at  the situations small and medium-sized enterprises are facing: the relevant state departments should be responsible for serving and supporting enterprises. They should manage subsidies and guide enterprises to meet standard. They should not affix seal only.

    These pain points restrict the development of advertising industry. For example, volatility of harmful substances in advertising production process, pollution and degradation problems of using materials, being lack of awareness of environmental protection situations and harm to themselves in production process. The only way is losing illusions and making a quick adjustment to seek transformation at present.

    We are facing the unfavorable situations, such as rising costs, intensified competition, being lack of selling points, and so on.Its degree of difficulty and harm is completely fiercer than environmental protection. Instead of suffering a loss, perhaps we can kill a developing road if we make adjustment properly.

    Environmental protection equipment, environmental protection materials, and waste treatment technology will become the main theme in 2017even in the future of advertising industry according to present situations. Qufu yuqiaofu technology Co., Ltd. launched the first pictorial printer at the beginning of this year. The printer is high speed and environmental protection. Its speed is up to 300m2/h. It will have a profound impact on the entire when it appears in the market .

    Yuqiaofu researches and develops waterfall thermal pictorial printer after four years. The printing speed is up to 300 square meters per hour. There is no peculiar smell during printing process.  "waterfall" thermal pictorial printer will lead printer industry into era of environmental protection and high-speed. 

    Waterfall is the only company which uses ribbon to print. It realizes truly non-toxic, odorless and green environmental protection printing. It Is the future development trend of pictorial printer.

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Qufu Yuqiaofu Technology Corporation was founded in 2006, which is a national hightech corporation that specialized in researching, manufacturing, selling and serving special printer as well as printer supplies. We has set up research institutes in Nanjing and Shenzhen and own a strong development team.
Yuqiaofu printers are used widely in commerce, industry, advertising and other fields. It has become a major brand in China. There are sales network throughout the country. Our products are exported to Iran, India, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and so on.
Yuqiaofu is the membership of China Computer Industry Association as well as the Director of CCIA Professional Printer Committee. We are invited to participate in the drafting and formulation about printer supplies industry national standard many times.
Our “The Application of Thermal Pringting Technology” was honored the most promising achievement case in Chinese computer industry in 2010. Yuqiaofu researches and develops independently waterfall thermal pictorial printer. We won honorary title of "Shandong provincial engineering laboratory" relying on it in 2017 .
 In order to be the world well known manufacturer and supplier of professional printer and supplies, we will try our best to develop the advanced world level products. We sincerely invite industry elites to create international classic brand.


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